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Pregnancy and motherhood are unique challenges within themselves. Layered with the complex struggles arising with substance use disorder, the journey into motherhood can seem overwhelming or, at times, even impossible.

Our Healthy MOMS team is here to help. There is no wrong way to get connected to our services. Once you enroll in the program, you will be connected to services as you need them from community organizations who do what they do best.

Listed below are all of the services that make up the Healthy MOMS program. Click here to download a printable information sheet about the program.

Primary Care Clinicians

General medical and pediatric care for the whole family

Child Welfare

Prevent, identify, assess, and treat to ensure child and family safety

Emergency Services

Acute trauma care, opiate-related admission, labor and delivery

Behavioral Health

Psychiatric counseling including therapy, behavioral modification, and relationship/family counseling

Addiction Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), therapy, vocational, housing, transportation, relapse prevention

Social Services

Housing, education, self-care and family-care, employment and public welfare programs

Disease Management

Treatment for medical conditions, pain management


Prenatal care, delivery, post-partum care, breastfeeding and family planning

Legal System

Placement decisions for children and families

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